stories are what define us
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Three pillars of personal success: Faith, Knowledge and Values. Follow along as we peel back the layers of the information and culture war to build strategies for personal success.

Stories of adventure, ruggedness, values and conviction. Stories define us. 


Dead before we were done...

We were declared dead before we were done fighting…

Every person feels it. Every leader, every athlete, every soldier feels it. That moment when your heart sticks in your throat and you want to quit. The difference between a warrior and the average person is the ability to push that feeling down deep into your gut and use it as fuel to stand back up and win. At that moment you become relentless; at that moment you become ruthless. 

We walked into the ambush. We all knew it was waiting for us. Our gut was telling us so. The commanders insisted we go in; we followed orders. Then all hell broke loose. It started with an RPG. Then all you could hear was gunfire, yelling and the normal chaos of battle. They had us in their box. They had counted on us being there. They had figured we would hesitate, that our will would be broken. They felt they had Allah to guide them. They were wrong.

Seconds in those moments seem like minutes. The world slows down. Your focus narrows. Your convictions become your fuel. Your fear becomes indignation. Your purpose is defined in a single phrase: they will die. And they did. 

The Command panicked. They gave up. They reported up to higher that we had all been killed. We were cut off from the main body. We fought. We won. And from the fog of battle we fought our way back to the rally point to show our faces alive… all of us. 

Victory is never given; it is earned. It is not talked about, it is won with ferocity and determination. One wins; one loses. There is no room for the spineless latte thinking of “everyone is a winner.” Those are cultural lies. Fighting is everything. Be a fighter. Live free. 

Bards of War: Fighting Is Everything