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DUSTWUN - Part 4

Bowe Berghal was taken captive by the Taliban in June 2009. What follows is a four-part series written by a Special Operations asset that was on the ground at the time.

Bergahl was a traitor. The media circus around his release a typical liberal propaganda campaign to elevate anti-American sentiment and disparage the military. The author of the article will remain anonymous for reasons of security, but his claims have been verified. We encourage you to read the full series from an American operative point of view. 

DUSTWUN - Part 4


Haqqani now had Bergdahl and that is where he would stay until his eventual release.

Over the next few years I made the occasional probes through my Afghan contacts about Bergdahl. The responses were always the same… he was with Haqqani. Some reports had him living happily in Haqqani’s large compound in Pakistan. Other reports told of him missing his family and regretting his decision to go AWOL. He was regularly reported being seen in the markets near the Haqqani compound, usually shopping on his own without restraints or guards. 

Within many circles Bergdahl became more like an urban legend. Under GEN McChrystal a group was stood up called the Counter-insurgency Assessment Advisement Team, or CAAT for short. Early on there was one notable idiot by the name of Sean. A former Special Operations guy, he and his tag-along buddy Tim promised to retrieve Bergdahl and bring fame and recognition to the CAAT. Naturally their grand plan never materialized. Bergdahl remained safely in the arms of Haqqani.

Near the end of GEN Petraeus’ time I came across the Personnel Recovery group working to find Bergdahl. Outside of several highly covert units still tasked with finding the kid, this private contracted team was all that was left. We shared information, I reviewed their plans, and what was clear is that there wasn't a plan. Bergdahl was Haqqani’s property until Haqqani decided otherwise. For me the issue was simple, Bergdahl wasn’t worth it. 

The year before he was released I sent out another query on Bergdahl. The response this time was similar, but a few things had changed. Unlike past queries, the information that came back was that the Haqqani group was tiring of Bergdahl. They were becoming concerned that they would be left holding him and not accomplish their goals of retrieving their terrorist brothers from US holding. The word was they were willing to negotiate. In true Pashtun fashion, however, they added a threat of killing Bergdahl if their demands weren’t met. My Afghan contacts told me they could make the meet happen. I passed; frankly the risk to get this kid wasn’t worth it and by this time the United States government was well on its way to giving in to Haqqani to save face and win a few political points with the liberal mass of military haters back home. 

When the deal was ultimaltly struck, the news of 5 GITMO detainee transfers for this kid’s life left me nauseated. From everything I was receiving, Haqqani never expected to get any of the prisoners, let alone 5 of some of the most highly valued targets we had in holding. The US negotiators had fallen for the bluff… the threat of killing the kid. Our side was only consumed with winning political points, and was completely ignorant of Pashtun negotiating techniquues. No one ever asked the question of why Haqqani would suddenly kill Bergdahl now after keeping him alive for so many years. A typical political knee jerk reaction to a problem rooted in thousands of years of traditions and ways of doing deals. We got screwed and I suspect Haqqani was laughing his ass off at us from his compound in Pakistan for months afterwards. 

The deal that was made was a slap in the face to every American soldier alive and dead that has served this country with honor. Bowe Bergdahl is a traitor. He willingly left his post and his fellow soldiers to go on a personal discovery stroll across Eastern Afghanistan. He converted to Islam and ultimately joined up with the enemy to fulfill his desire To become an indigenous fighter; in simple terms he wanted to become a Taliban. As a direct result of his actions he cost us the lives of 6 great soldiers who were tasked with finding him, and an undisclosed number of special operations operators. Bergdahl was directly responsible for the body count of those killed searching for him in 2009.  Bergdahl wasn’t captured as the Army and media spin-doctors tried to make you believe. He willingly joined the other side, betrayed his country and his brothers of his unit. Bowe Bergdahl was and is a traitor. 



On October 16, 2017, Bowe Bergahl entered a guilty plea before a military judge at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. On November 3, 2017, Bergdahl was sentenced to be dishonorably discharged, reduced in rank to private, and fined $1000 per month from his pay for ten months, with no prison time. The fine and reduction in rank took effect immediately. 


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