stories are what define us
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Three pillars of personal success: Faith, Knowledge and Values. Follow along as we peel back the layers of the information and culture war to build strategies for personal success.

Stories of adventure, ruggedness, values and conviction. Stories define us. 


It's not just a T-shirt...

Stories are what define us. The stories we tell, the stories we hear all shape the way in which we view and value our world. Stories are the at the core of who we are, how we view our life, our family, our culture, our view of the world, and even our faith and values. 

Ancient cultures valued stories. Stories were told from generation to generation to pass on lessons and wisdom. Today, so many of our stories have taken on the role of entertainment, yet their influence is no less impactive. As we say... stories define us.

As part of the development of Bards of War, we have introduced an exclusive line from The American Brand Genuine Apparel, built on a simple principle... "Wear the story." Each shirt or hat has a quote from soldiers who have been in combat. Each quote represents a deeper story of adventure, ruggedness, values and conviction; moments in time that are captured in a single phrase. 

So our T-shirts are far more than a T-shirt... they are legacy of values, of wisdom and of conviction. They are the introduction to a story that defined a moment and a story to now wear.

Stories of conviction. Discover what conversations it provokes... and with it, create a new story for you to live into. 

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