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Three pillars of personal success: Faith, Knowledge and Values. Follow along as we peel back the layers of the information and culture war to build strategies for personal success.

Stories of adventure, ruggedness, values and conviction. Stories define us. 


Fighting Is Everything...

When you live by values, principles and conviction… “Fighting Is Everything.” 

Sangine. A shit hole in Helmund Province, Afghanistan. By the time we got there, it was run by opium warlords masquerading as Taliban. The Brits had dropped a 2000 pounder on a nest of them. All it did was piss them off. It was the proverbial kicking of the ant hill. 

The ambush was initiated with an RPG. 

You know when a storm is coming. You feel it in your bones, your gut, the tingling in your spine. In those moments there is no room for weakness or doubt. Hesitation will leave you beat down and in war it will keep you there… all you have to do is embrace the fear.

Roman Centurions never looked for the guy who would always attack. They didn’t reward the guy who couldn’t sit still and needed to always be leading a charge. That guy was driven by ego, that guy was driven by insecurity, that guy got others killed. 

Instead, when the Roman Centurions looked for the guy to give a battlefield promotion to they picked the men who, in the face of overwhelming odds, would hold the line and never look over their shoulder. These were then men that held the shield wall as the barbarian hordes attacked relentlessly. They would trust their brother on their left and their right, and in doing so they would rally men of lesser character to find hope when all hope seemed lost. 

In Sangine, in the very darkest moments, soldiers became Centurians. They held the line in the face of overwhelming odds. They pushed the line forward in the chaos of gun fire. They never looked back, only forward. They understood that live or die, they would fight for their values, principles and convictions. 

They understood that “Fighting Is Everything.”

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