stories are what define us
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Three pillars of personal success: Faith, Knowledge and Values. Follow along as we peel back the layers of the information and culture war to build strategies for personal success.

Stories of adventure, ruggedness, values and conviction. Stories define us. 


Bards of War

In the basement of the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland tucked away in a back corner under a glass display is a sculpture by George Anderson Lawson. The piece is titled “War Song” and depicts a scene with Oden, the ancient God of War, sitting on his throne, with his two Ravens, Huggin and Munnin sitting on his shoulders. At his feet is a Bard, reciting the songs of warriors, their deeds and their bravery. 

Bards were an ancient class of poets entrusted to tell and pass on the histories of wars and warriors. In ancient times oral histories ensured the lessons of pasts, the heroics of greatness and the identity of culture were preserved and passed on to future generations. Bards were the keepers of wisdom, told in their unique style of poetry and song. They were in effect the peoples' philosophers.

Storytellers were an integral part of ancient culture, and Bards, ironically, were considered a lower-class of the poet hierarchy. They relied on patrons to support their work. If a noble did not like the composition created by a Bard, it was common for the Bard to then go to the people and tell a story mocking their patron. They walked a fine line between respect and sedition. Yet their power of storytelling was respected and only the naive noble would disregard their voice. 

Our Bards today speak little. Their poetics disregarded by the nobles of our day. Our Bards today live amongst us, we just don't recognize them as such... our Bards are our soldiers who have fought the fights and performed the duties they were asked to do, selflessly and for values and convictions greater then themselves.

BARDS of WAR is named in their honor. It is the stories of convictions, values and brotherhood; a sharing of wisdom earned through the pit of battle. A lesson in convictions and values that teaches you one thing: fighting is everything.

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