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Bards of War

A person who lives by convictions stands for something. For that person, there is always a line between good and evil, moral and immoral, ethical and unethical. They understand courage...

They understand that "Fighting Is Everything"


Coming Fall 2018

In July 2006 Canada's Princess Patricias Light Infantry (PPCLI) fought the Taliban in their safe havens in Panjajwi, Hydarabad and Sangin Districts in Southern Afghanistan as part of Operation Mountain Thrust. Over a 10-day period, PPCLI A-Coy aka "Red Devils" would prove to be Canada's bad boys of war, engaging in some of the most intense fighting since Korea. The fight was personal, the politics were vindictive but for the soldiers it was a mission rooted in their own history and in many ways the making of legend. 

In the process these soldiers became warriors and the nation of Canada was changed.

This is their story. 

It's more than just another catchy title... 

In the basement of the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland tucked away in a back corner under a glass display is a sculpture by George Anderson Lawson. The piece is titled “War Song” and depicts a scene with Oden, the ancient God of War, sitting on his throne, with his two Ravens, Huggin and Munnin sitting on his shoulders. At his feet is a Bard, reciting the songs of warriors, their deeds and their bravery. 

Bards were an ancient class of poets entrusted to tell and pass on the histories of the tribal warriors. In the ancient times of oral histories, their role ensured the lessons of pasts, the heroics of greatness and the identity of culture were preserved and passed on to future generations. Bards were the keepers of wisdom, told in their unique style of poetry and song. We have Bards today, we just don't recognize them as such. Our Bards are our soldiers... They are the BARDS of WAR.

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